Crelate Announces Live Events Series and Podcast for Recruiting and Staffing Leaders, Recruiters, and Account Managers

KIRKLAND, WASH., October 13, 2022 – Crelate, creators of the leading, flexible recruitment platform  for modern talent-focused businesses, today announced a new bi-weekly live events series “The Full  Desk Experience.” The event series, which is used as the basis for a podcast of the same name,  tackles issues within the industry and covers strategy and tactics for recruiters, account executives,  and operations leaders alike.  

Hosted by Kortney Harmon, Staffing and Recruiting Industry Principal at Crelate, “The Full Desk  Experience” is an opportunity for free, live Q&A with an experienced and knowledgeable staffing and recruiting consultant. Each session, listeners and attendees will walk away with actionable solutions  to the industry’s most common issues. 

“After spending a decade in the talent industry as a recruiter, trainer and consultant, I’m deeply  excited for the opportunity to help recruiting and staffing leaders grow their firms, regardless of  their tech stack,” said Harmon. “I’ve seen so many unnecessary and self-inflicted blockers to growth  that this conversation and the opportunity to engage with the talent industry at large is truly a  passion project.” 

The Full Desk Experience live events series is recorded, and each session turns into a podcast  episode. The episodes are now available on most podcast streaming services like Apple Podcasts,  Spotify and Google Podcasts. 

“As both a process and technology consultant to our customers and as a resource to leaders across  the industry with Full Desk Experience, Kortney is uniquely positioned to make a major impact on  the recruitment and staffing industry,” said Colin Parker, VP of Marketing at Crelate. “The investment  in bringing in dynamic and deeply knowledgeable industry veterans like Kortney as Crelate  continues to grow was ultimately an easy one, even though it’s relatively uncommon for a  technology platform.” 

Whether you’re a leader of a large staffing or recruiting organization, or a front-line recruiter, The  Full Desk Experience has something for everyone to help scale your business and grow both sides of  your desk.  

To register for the live event series, please visit To  listen to the podcast, please search “The Full Desk Experience” wherever you listen. 

About Kortney Harmon 

Kortney Harmon has served as a staffing and recruiting industry leader for over 10 years, including a  services network of over 260+ offices. She has worked with owners, executives, and operations  leaders as a talent business consultant to drive overall growth, develop training programs, and  streamlined operations and technology implementation. Kortney has trained over 1,000 recruiters  and sales managers and knows what it takes to achieve sustainable growth for any talent business.

About Crelate 

Founded in 2012, Crelate is a fast, flexible recruitment platform for modern talent businesses— recruiting, staffing, and consulting. With 1,700 customers, Crelate enables agencies of any size to  compete with industry giants while preserving their unique processes and competitive advantages  by integrating a powerful and customizable ATS, Recruiting CRM, and back-office management. With  an intuitive and flexible architecture, Crelate equips firms with the tools to make more placements,  win more business, and seriously scale teams.