Crelate Promotes Kortney Harmon to Director of Industry Relations

Bothell, WA – September 6, 2023 – Crelate, a leading staffing and recruiting technology platform, is  pleased to announce the promotion of Kortney Harmon to Director of Industry Relations. 

In her new role, Harmon will be responsible for expanding Crelate’s relationships with key players in the  staffing and recruiting industry. With over a decade of experience in staffing and recruiting, including  running a desk of her own, and developing training programs for large networks, Kortney has trained  thousands of front-line recruiters and hundreds of offices across the United States. Since joining Crelate  over a year ago, she has already made significant inroads by connecting with influencers through  avenues like The Full Desk Experience, a Crelate original podcast, and industry events like Staffing World  and SIA’s Executive Forum. 

Ms. Harmon has quickly established herself as a thought leader in the staffing and recruiting space,  having been invited to speak at industry events including NAPs and OSSSA, and as a guest on industry  leading podcasts like Haley Marketing’s Insights, You Own the Experience, and The Elite Recruiter. Her  focus moving forward will be continuing to grow Crelate’s podcast, The Full Desk Experience, and expand  our reach in the staffing and recruiting industry. 

“Kortney’s passion for the industry, ability to form meaningful relationships, and talent for creating  engaging content have already had an immense impact on Crelate’s growth,” said Jason Hoback,  President. “We’re thrilled to expand her role and know that she will continue strengthening our  connections across multiple verticals as our new Director of Industry Relations.” 

Ms. Harmon added: “I am honored and excited to step into this new position at such an innovative  company. I look forward to combining my passion for this industry, network of professional relationships,  and experience developing compelling content to help move Crelate forward and foster deeper  partnerships.” 

About Crelate 

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