Fuse Cooperative Acquires Gustav to Elevate Staffing & H-1B Partnerships

The ability to efficiently partner in the highly competitive staffing industry is getting a major upgrade with Fuse Cooperative’s acquisition of Gustav. This transforms staffing’s largest vendor marketplace into a platform cooperative that is owned and managed by its staffing firm members.

Denver, CO: Fuse, the staffing industry’s first and only platform cooperative, is thrilled to announce the acquisition of Gustav. With a network of over 5000 staffing firms, Gustav is staffing’s largest sub-vendor marketplace and management platform.

This move provides the staffing industry with a trusted network and platform for collaborative partnering between agencies. By fostering specialization, cooperation, and accountability for its co-op members, Fuse will boost staffing efficiency and provide candidates with better access to employment opportunities.

Fuse is a cooperative recruitment network which is owned and operated by staffing firm members who partner together in mutual trust. By adopting the Gustav vendor management system (VMS) as its platform, Fuse members will more effectively share jobs and candidates with each other, while upholding Fuse’s partnering standards.

In a landmark move to improve the United States’ H-1B work visa staffing market, Fuse will also leverage Gustav for its Verified H-1B Program, which offers additional assistance to staffing firm members by verifying the compliance of H-1B sponsor agencies and the authenticity of their candidates. This program creates a transparent and accountable process for more efficient H-1B staffing, which is a major opportunity in the US.

“As founders of Gustav, we’re filled with confidence that our platform’s legacy will be upheld and expanded under the guidance of Fuse’s exceptional team and innovative model”, says Jan Jedlinski, now CEO & Co-founder of Candidate.ly. “We deeply resonate with and support Fuse’s mission to increase cooperation in staffing, and we see a prosperous future ahead.”

Staffing Firms Join Fuse and Prosper

In fostering a more trusting and efficient staffing industry, Fuse invites new members to sign its Cooperative Membership & Network Agreement, which sets clear partnering expectations, and facilitates increased placements and efficiency.

Additional co-op membership benefits include:

  • Facilitated matching with verified partners, jobs, and candidates.
  • Responsive, accountable interactions with fellow member partners.
  • Decreased administrative tasks, fraud potential, and compliance risks.
  • Consolidated billing, with seamless candidate onboarding.

“The staffing industry is riddled with redundancy, as many firms duplicate efforts on the same jobs,” says Edwin Jansen, Chief Steward & CEO of Fuse Cooperative. “Fuse facilitates tighter partnerships, and our vetting of H-1Bs provides a level of trust that’s missing today. We’re inviting all firms who share our vision for a more trustworthy staffing industry to join Fuse. Let’s be better together.”

About Fuse Cooperative

Fuse is a pioneer in the staffing industry as the first and only platform cooperative. Legally structured as a Limited Cooperative Association, Fuse is owned and managed by the staffing firms and independent recruiters who are its members. To join Fuse, members sign the Cooperative Membership & Network Agreement, which ensures partnering with mutual benefit, accountability, and fair dispute resolution. Fuse operates the Gustav VMS platform, and provides partnering facilitation services to help its members make placements together. Join Fuse Cooperative to experience a new paradigm in staffing partnerships: www.fuse.coop.

For more information contact [email protected]

About Gustav

Launched in 2017 out of Y Combinator in California by Jan Jedlinski, Benjamin Bartakovics, Michael Ströck, and Daniel Bartakovics, Gustav grew into staffing’s leading sub-vendor marketplace, used by thousands of firms to drive their third-party, master-vendor, direct sourcing, and H-1B recruitment strategies. After the acquisition by Fuse, the Gustav founding team is already on to their newest venture, developing Candidate.ly, a client portal for Bullhorn to streamline candidate submissions for staffing and recruitment companies globally.