Futuris Company Acquires Recruiter.com’s Healthcare Staffing Business

ROCKVILLE, MD / ACCESSWIRE / October 17, 2023 / Futuris Company (FTRS) has completed the acquisition of Recruiter.com’s healthcare staffing business on October 1, 2023. The closing of this acquisition comes after the receipt of all necessary client approvals, marking the finalization of the transition to Futuris of their healthcare-specific client contracts.

According to Futuris CFO, Robert Day, “This Recruiter.com acquisition will bring additional revenues to our healthcare staffing business and with our previous acquisitions of INSIGMA and HEALTHHR,” it further cements our status as a leader in the healthcare staffing industry.”

A Strategy Of Growth Through Acquisition
Futuris’ strategy is to grow through acquiring other profitable staffing companies. Futuris has now acquired eleven staffing and technology companies and is looking to acquire more. These eleven companies have been consolidated into seven wholly owned subsidiaries. The company previously acquired companies in the medical staffing field, HEALTHHR and INSIGMA and is very happy with how they are contributing to revenues. The Recruiter.com acquisition will help us to grow organically with the new contracts and our existing delivery infrastructure inherited from the Insigma acquisition.

Futuris Has Plans To Up List
According to Robert Day, the Futuris-certified audit is in process and expected to be completed in the next 60 days. Upon completion of the audit, the company has plans to up-list to the OTCQB, followed by an up-listing to NASDAQ as soon as we meet the listing requirements.


Futuris also has a Regulation A offering in process to raise additional capital. For more information about investing in the company’s Regulation A, offering go to the web page www.InvestInFuturis.com or contact your investment advisor or broker to invest in Futuris OTC stock (FTRS). You could lose some or all of your investment, so be sure and read our Offering Circular to see the risk factors:


About Futuris Company
Futuris is a Human Capital Management (HCM) company focused on Executive Search, Staffing, Consulting services, Managed Services and Tech Services specializing in verticals such as Medical, Information Technology, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), and Legal. The Company is committed to building a global HCM company through highly targeted and revenue-accretive acquisitions and operational efficiencies.