GigSmart, an on-demand mobile staffing app that connects businesses looking for talent with individuals looking for work, has seen a 460% increase in the number of hourly Gigs posted since March despite COVID downfalls to the job market. Construction, food service, and warehouse businesses are currently hiring the greatest number of workers through GigSmart apps, which have nearly half-a-million downloads to date.

Since launching its on-demand staffing apps, Get Workers and Get Gigs, GigSmart has secured job placements for its user base of over 250,000 hourly workers, connecting them to thousands of business requesters from coast to coast. The rapid month-over-month growth across both of its gig economy apps clearly solidifies the need for flexible labor solutions in today’s economy. With workers available across the U.S., Get Gigs workers have been paid in 34 states so far this year, including GigSmart’s top markets in AtlantaChicagoDallasDenver, and New York City.

“GigSmart has connected thousands of businesses with trusted, reliable workers who can complete a wide range of hourly jobs, taking the headache out of temporary staffing,” said Mitch Catino, Chief Product Officer of GigSmart. “Whether it’s sourcing workers for warehouse or construction labor, customer service, healthcare, commercial moving, food delivery or home repairs, we’re pleased to offer GigSmart in every U.S. state so that everyone can have easy, instant access to temporary workers.”

During the pandemic, GigSmart is helping senior living facilities combat the shortage of healthcare workers by supplementing full-time workers with temporary workers. Since March, GigSmart workers have completed 200 shifts for Senior Housing Options across eight different locations.

“We have a high turnover rate because it can be a challenging environment to work in,” said Susie Stebbins, Director of HR for Senior Housing Options. “GigSmart has helped us weed out who is there for the long haul.”

The Get Workers app connects businesses with skilled workers who can help with a variety of hourly jobs. As more Americans are working from home, GigSmart saw a 478% jump in the number of residential Gigs being completed on Get Workers. As a result, GigSmart has continued to improve the Get Workers user experience by adding new functionality to distinguish between business and residential requests.

New enhancements give users more hiring control, access to multiple payment options, and consolidated gig reports.

  • Business and personal mode. Account modes customize the users’ hiring needs to ensure the right workers are sourced for every request, whether it be business staffing or residential tasks and projects.
  • Support for multiple payment methods. Get Workers users can now store and use multiple payment methods to clearly distinguish between business and personal payment expenses.
  • In-app reporting. Business users can see a detailed breakdown of their paid expenses by Gig in a unified dashboard.

To hire a Worker, visit the website or download the Get Workers app for iOS or Android. To become a worker, download the Get Gigs app for iOS or Android.

About GigSmart

GigSmart is a software development company providing modern solutions to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving economy. GigSmart’s hiring platform provides smarter staffing solutions to connect businesses and residential users looking for labor with available workers. GigSmart’s gig economy apps are available in all 50 states in industries like construction, manufacturing, transportation, retail, customer service, and professional services.