Kantola Launches New Workplace Harassment Prevention Training

First-person accounts and authentic scenarios help employees navigate complex workplace situations

MILL VALLEY, Calif. – Jan. 19, 2022 – Kantola Training Solutions (Kantola), an eLearning industry leader trusted by over 15,000 organizations, in partnership with Littler, the largest employment law firm in the world, today released a new family of online harassment prevention training, including employee and manager courses with versions specific to many different states.

“The bar’s been raised. In our modern workplace, expectations for harassment prevention are higher than ever. It’s no longer enough to address bad behavior—we need to build a more inclusive culture,” said Sarah Rowell, CEO of Kantola. “We know your choice of training is your voice to employees. We’ve designed this new family of online harassment prevention courses to enable you to help your workforce navigate through complex situations with understanding and clarity.”

With a focus on addressing current workplace issues in today’s pivotal social climate, this training goes beyond basic state and federal compliance to create a whole new level of learning.

Training courses feature cinematic-quality production values with 1080p high-definition video, experienced actors, original scripts, original music, with best-in-class filming and post-production techniques, creating an engaging learner experience. Because of this, Kantola’s courses typically achieve a 9.2 out of 10 learner rating and a 99% completion rate. “This suite of courses continually receives high praise from our clients, and we are confident they will continue to be well received across all organizational levels and industries,” said Marissa Dragoo, Principal at Littler.

First-person accounts and featured scenarios are based on real-life situations accompanied by straightforward legal explanations. The training provides an engaging learning experience, enabling participants to see the impact of their decisions. Employees are guided by clear learning objectives, with instructional design optimized for easy learning. After taking the courses, employees and managers acquire the skills they need to make informed choices in real-world situations.

Rooted in today’s cultural realities, the courses address today’s critical HR needs.

  • Authentic scenarios and real-life interviews go beyond blatant harassment to explore gray areas, helping employees interpret and apply their learning to complex situations, taking the whole employee experience into account.
  • Expanded content on sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression educates employees about what it means to nurture an inclusive environment that attracts and retains employees.
  • The courses provide early-intervention strategies that protect organizations through risk mitigation. Managers get the guidance they need to spot alarming behaviors and prevent them from becoming serious harassment issues.
  • Informative tips illustrate how to reinforce positive behavior and correct negative patterns. This helps create a harassment-free environment that supports the development of an elevated workplace culture.
  • Examples showcase a variety of work settings and harassment types, with guidance that helps employees navigate through an evolving remote/hybrid workplace environment.
  • Distinct versions are tailored to organizational realities, addressing different state needs, employee functions and organizational types.

Customer feedback

Customers have praised the exceptional quality of Kantola’s courses with feedback like this:

“The course was phenomenal! I really liked how the examples came in, followed by the follow-up. Best harassment training I’ve ever experienced, by far.”

“I took my course already and am proud to offer a high-quality product to the employees. The interactivity, high production value and ease of menu navigation will foster a learning environment—which is the mission. Your responsiveness helped me to decipher amongst the many programs offered out there and select Kantola.”

“…one of our directors just took the harassment training and said it was one of the best he has done from the last three companies he has worked for … “

“Recommend Kantola for the course content, relationship with Littler, and course design (videos, activities, etc.).”

About Kantola

Kantola is an innovative eLearning company focused on diversity, equity, inclusion and harassment prevention. We are committed to helping organizations make their workplaces better for everyone—through world-class training solutions that change perspectives, achieve compliance, and elevate culture. Kantola’s cinematic quality productions breathe life into complex ideas, delivering nuanced, relatable, interactive training through authentic scenarios that engage, inform, and enlighten. Trusted by over 15,000 organizations, Kantola has achieved a “World Class” Net Promoter Score of 72, demonstrating unrivaled, enduring customer satisfaction.

Exceeding all industry standards, Kantola’s training results are unmatched: 97% of learners better identify and deal with issues after training, learners rate courses a 9.2 out of 10, and a 99% learner completion rate with industry-leading software enables organizations to achieve full compliance with effortless implementation. Kantola’s prominence is further underscored through its partnerships with leading organizations such as Littler, the world’s largest employment law firm, and SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management), the nation’s largest HR professional society.