Legal Soft’s Strategic Move in Nationwide Virtual Staffing with the Acquisition of Berry Virtual

LOS ANGELES, March 14, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Legal Soft, a leading virtual legal staffing company, proudly announces its latest strategic move: the acquisition of Berry Virtual, a top-tier provider of virtual staffing services specializing in executive assistance, customer service, and accounting. This significant step is set to enhance Berry Virtual’s offerings and extend its impact in the virtual staffing industry for all business professionals.

Over the last two years, Berry Virtual has shown impressive growth, achieving a $3.5 million Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) through its commendable bootstrap initiatives. Its team of 40 dedicated professionals has established Berry Virtual as a trusted and effective solution for businesses in need of virtual staffing services.

The acquisition with Legal Soft aligns with both companies’ commitment to innovation and excellence in service. This collaborative venture is expected to transform the virtual staffing landscape, delivering advanced services to a wider range of professional sectors.

Key Highlights of the Acquisition:

  • Strategic Expansion: Legal Soft’s acquisition of Berry Virtual represents a thoughtful strategy to enhance and broaden Berry Virtual’s virtual staffing services. Legal Soft recognizes Berry Virtual’s distinct value and is dedicated to magnifying its market impact.
  • Bootstrapped Success: Berry Virtual’s rise to a $3.5 million ARR, achieved entirely through bootstrapping, highlights its resilience, operational efficiency, and unwavering commitment to top-tier virtual staffing services.
  • Unified Vision for Innovation: Both Legal Soft and Berry Virtual are driven by a shared ambition to innovate and deliver high-quality solutions. This acquisition paves the way for joint efforts that will boost the combined capabilities of the two entities.
  • Integration of Expertise: This acquisition merges Legal Soft’s deep knowledge in the legal sector with Berry Virtual’s expertise in virtual staffing, creating an unparalleled opportunity to provide customized solutions for businesses seeking diverse support.
  • Growth and Opportunity for Talent: Berry Virtual is excited to expand its team and offer more opportunities for skilled professionals to play a role in the company’s ongoing growth and success.

Executive Quotes:

Daniel Nabavi, Co-Founder of Berry Virtual: “Joining forces with Legal Soft, a company that mirrors our dedication to innovation and excellence, is exhilarating. This move validates the efforts of the Berry Virtual team and opens new pathways for us to develop synergies and add even more value for our clients.”

Hamid Kohan, CEO of Legal Soft: “The acquisition of Berry Virtual marks a pivotal moment in Legal Soft’s journey towards revolutionizing nationwide virtual staffing. Our vision has always been to lead with innovation and provide unparalleled service in the legal staffing realm. By bringing Berry Virtual into our fold, we are not just expanding our services; we are setting a new standard in virtual staffing excellence. Berry Virtual’s impressive growth and commitment to quality perfectly align with our ethos. Together, we are poised to offer a more diverse and robust range of services, catering to the evolving needs of businesses across various sectors. This strategic move is more than an acquisition; it’s a merger of talents, aspirations, and a shared vision for the future of virtual staffing.”

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About Berry Virtual:

Berry Virtual is a leading virtual staffing company offering a suite of services, including executive assistance, customer service, and sales support. Committed to client success, Berry Virtual has marked significant achievements through its focus on excellence and innovation.

About Legal Soft:

Legal Soft is a trailblazer in providing virtual legal staffing solutions for the legal industry, dedicated to enhancing legal professionals with state-of-the-art staffing and tools. With an emphasis on innovation and operational efficiency, Legal Soft is leading the way in reshaping the legal industry.