myHRcounsel Partners With AkkenCloud to Provide Ondemand HR Advice and Compliance for Staffing and Recruiting Agencies.

Unlimited HR advice helps staffing and recruiting agencies legally comply.

Nashua, New Hampshire – July 27, 2022

Employment, corporate and ERISA legal solutions provider myHRcounsel, announced today its strategic partnership with AkkenCloud, the Front Office, Middle Office, Back Office, and Payroll platform provider that helps staffing and recruiting organizations revolutionize their efficiencies.

Keeping a staffing agency or a recruiting agency legally compliant, with the 1,000’s of federal, state and municipal laws is nearly impossible, and to do so without spending tens of thousands of dollars a month is a huge challenge.

myHRcounsel provides ondemand and unlimited HR advice, compliance and the drafting of all the critical policies and procedures every staffing firm needs to have to be compliant, as does so with experienced attorneys, making the advice and the policies/procedures “legally backed”, meaning protected by myHRcounsel’s “indemnification” and its legal insurance plus confidentially protecting all communications via the Attorney Client Privilege.

Click HERE to watch the Staffing Companies, Unlimited Legal Advice webinar.

“Traditional law firms charge hundreds if not thousands of dollars per hour for their work, a model that is good for those traditional law firms to make a lot of money, and expensive for staffing agencies,” said Mark Young, CEO of myHRcounsel. “Our industry changing business model provides accessible HR advice, employment law and complete “compliance” at a price every staffing agency or a recruiting agency can afford.”

“We recognize that HR compliance and employment law are critical parts of a staffing business, and we are excited to provide this new solution for our clients,” said Giridhar Akkineni, CEO of AkkenCloud. “To that end, we have negotiated industry-changing pricing to provide our clients with unlimited access to myHRcounsel’s attorneys, at a monthly flat fee.”

AkkenCloud clients can subscribe to myHRcounsel’s ASK HR™ And myHRcounsel’s HR and corporate law unlimited offering ASK Pro™ for a per month discounted fees.

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About AkkenCloud

AkkenCloud offers the most comprehensive front-officemiddle-office, and back-office staffing software with AkkuPay payroll for staffing agencies and recruiting agencies looking to increase efficiency, streamline operations, and grow revenue. Click HERE to schedule a Live Demo.

About myHRcounsel

myHRcounsel, with its employment, corporate and ERISA legal solutions, provides clients with on-demand legal and compliance services through its call-center, encrypted portal and mobile application staffed with dozens of attorneys capable of advising on all Federal and 50 State employment and corporate laws.