Omaha Healthcare Company Unveils New Identity, Reflecting the Company’s Expansion and Focus on Refreshing Healthcare

Fusion today unveiled a new brand identity that includes the formal addition of a parent brand and a managed service provider solution. As a top 15 healthcare staffing agency based in Omaha, Nebraska, the company formerly known generally as Fusion Medical Staffing is rebranding to Fusion – an all-encompassing parent or corporate brand. Fusion will serve as an umbrella or corporate brand to connect and unify its two business units, Fusion Medical Staffing and Fusion Workforce Solutions, for its many audiences.

“This new corporate brand development and business brand alignment reflects our growth and clearly connects the diverse solutions that help healthcare travelers and facilities in our pursuit of positively impacting the lives of everyone we touch,” said Chief Marketing Officer Tara Sprakel. “Our business units and brands are now identified in name and in visual branding to an overarching Fusion parent brand, connecting the solutions and impact we provide while also building the culture that unites the teams of these business units together.”

Fusion Medical Staffing connects healthcare travelers to open positions in facilities across the country, providing career opportunities for healthcare professionals and a constant stream of top-tier travelers for medical facilities.

Fusion Workforce Solutions is a managed service provider that helps healthcare facilities manage their traveler workforce. This service reduces stress, increases job visibility, and ensures consistent traveler rates.

Fusion exists to solve the challenges in the healthcare industry including a lack of transparency, challenging work conditions, and burnout among healthcare professionals.  As part of the brand launch, Fusion introduced a tagline – Refresh Healthcare –to encompass its brand promise and approach to addressing these challenges being driven by the needs of others, high service, and an innovative mindset.

“Fusion has evolved so much in our nearly 14 years, and this new identity reflects so much of who and what we have become throughout our journey,” said President and CEO Corey Watton. “We have always operated with the mission of improving every life we touch, and strengthening our business units and parent brand opens avenues for us to continue that with focused initiatives on the segments of the healthcare industry each unit supports.”

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About Fusion:

Fusion is an Omaha-based healthcare company that exists to create meaningful connections between healthcare travelers and facilities that lead to better patient care and better outcomes for all. The company consists of two business units: Fusion Medical Staffing and Fusion Workforce Solutions, which simplify processes for healthcare travelers and facilities at every turn. Fusion employees strive to stay humble, driven, and positive.