Recruiterflow Unveils Exciting New Features in Product Update Webinar

Recruiterflow, a leading innovator in recruitment software, hosted a dynamic product update webinar on 21st November 2023, led by Simaran Jain from the Customer Success Team. The webinar served as a platform to unveil a series of innovative features released over the past six months, cementing Recruiterflow’s commitment to empowering recruiters with cutting-edge tools.

Key Features Discussed:

  • 1. Campaign Scheduling: Empower recruiters with the ability to schedule and automate their outreach campaigns, optimizing efficiency and enhancing communication with candidates.
  • 2. Parent Child Custom Field: Introducing a flexible and customizable data structure, recruiters can now organize and track information more precisely, tailoring their workflow to specific needs.
  • 3. Alias Emails: Streamline communication by utilizing alias emails, providing recruiters with a versatile and efficient way to engage with candidates without compromising their professional identity.
  • 4. Configurable Dashboard: Customize the dashboard to suit individual preferences, offering recruiters a personalized and intuitive interface for enhanced productivity.
  • 5. Disqualification Archive: Effortlessly manage candidate disqualifications with a dedicated archive, ensuring a more organized and streamlined recruitment process.
  • 6. Custom Activity Entity: Establish a deeper level of engagement by associating custom activities with entities, allowing recruiters to track and analyze interactions more comprehensively.
  • 7. Auto Call Logging: Simplify the tracking of candidate communications with automatic call logging, reducing manual data entry and enhancing accuracy.
  • 8. Docusign Integration: Seamlessly integrate Docusign into the recruitment workflow, facilitating the electronic signing of documents and contracts directly within the Recruiterflow platform.
  • 9. LinkedIn Paid Posts: Maximize the reach and impact of job postings by leveraging LinkedIn Paid Posts directly from the Recruiterflow platform, expanding recruitment outreach.

“We are thrilled to introduce these powerful features that further elevate the Recruiterflow experience. Each enhancement is designed to address the evolving needs of recruiters and empower them with the tools necessary for success.” Manan Shah, CEO, Recruiterflow

About Recruiterflow:

Recruiterflow serves as an all-in-one applicant tracking system and CRM solution for recruiting and staffing businesses. With this software, users can effortlessly post jobs, streamline internal approval processes, and distribute job listings to various free and paid job boards from one central location. Additionally, Recruiterflow enables users to host a careers page, integrate job postings into an existing company careers site, or create a custom careers page from scratch.

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