RefAssured Unveils Seamless Reference Check Integration with Bullhorn Talent Platform to Help Staffing Agencies Unlock Enterprise Value

San Francisco, CA – December 6th, 2023 – RefAssured, a provider of automated reference checking solutions for the staffing industry, today announced an integration with the Bullhorn Talent Platform. RefAssured provides the staffing industry’s first automated reference checking platform that elevates client talent acquisition strategies while simultaneously empowering candidates. The integration between RefAssured and the Bullhorn Talent Platform will seamlessly nest reference checking within the application and onboarding journey for candidates, unlocking tremendous client value.

Integration Empowers Candidates, Streamlining Talent Acquisition

Staffing agencies face numerous challenges in consistently delivering top-tier candidates to their clients, especially in an unpredictable macroeconomic environment where increasing net retention is a strategic imperative. By integrating with the Bullhorn Talent Platform, RefAssured offers customers a solution that both empowers candidates to initiate the reference check process themselves – thereby ensuring a uniform and transparent candidate experience – but also reduces and/or eliminates manual work on the part of staffing agencies so that they can focus on nurturing relationships through immediate value creation.

Key Benefits of RefAssured Integration with Bullhorn Talent Platform:

  1. Candidate Empowerment: Candidates have the autonomy to initiate the reference request process when creating their application or completing onboarding paperwork. This change empowers candidates to start the process when they are most comfortable, ensuring a smooth experience for all.
  2. Enhanced Candidate Experience: The integration allows candidates to commence the reference check journey without any complications, highlighting the benefits they will receive. This, in turn, increases staffing agencies’ attractiveness and desired value for candidates.
  3. Client Satisfaction: By providing clients with third party-validated references, staffing firms demonstrate a commitment to quality, transparency, and compliance, providing competitive differentiation and evidence-based value to clients.
  4. Networking Opportunities: Engaging with references leads to more opportunities and a broader pool of qualified candidates, enabling staffing agencies to tap into passive talent.
  5. Efficiency and Savings: Automating reference checks minimizes administrative overhead, allowing agency teams to work more efficiently.

How It Works:

  1. Seamless Integration: RefAssured integrates natively with the Bullhorn Talent Platform, ensuring that reference checking becomes an integral part of the candidate’s application and onboarding process. No recruiter intervention is required.
  2. Candidate-Initiated Process: Candidates can initiate reference requests at their convenience, ensuring a comfortable and efficient experience.
  3. Automated Reference Collection: References are contacted via email and text to complete a reference survey, all on their own time and from any device.
  4. Reliable, Unbiased Results: The staffing agency receives verified, unbiased reference data, enhancing the quality of talent it provides to clients.

In an increasingly competitive talent market, the ability to provide top-quality candidates is a critical differentiator. RefAssured’s integration with the Bullhorn Talent Platform enables staffing agencies to streamline their reference checking process, enhance the candidate experience, create trust with clients, and gain a strategic advantage in attracting both active and passive talent.

“We are thrilled to add seamless reference checking to the core capabilities of Talent Platform. Delivering a consumer-grade experience to talent means providing one solution, one login, one UI, to complete all talent tasks. With fully integrated partners like RefAssured, we are reducing the friction that leads to less drop-off and delays.” Andre Mileti, Product Evangelist – Talent Experience at Bullhorn.

“This integration with Bullhorn’s Talent Platform is a significant step in our mission to provide recruiters and candidates with a comprehensive solution for all their reference checking, pre- and post-onboarding tasks, and verification needs,” said Brian Vesce, CEO at RefAssured. “We believe this partnership will enhance the overall experience for both recruiters and candidates, making the hiring process more efficient and transparent.”

“RefAssured is integrated into our Bullhorn Talent Onboarding Platform, creating a simpler, more seamless process for our ultimate end user—the traveler.” Bridget Weber, CEO at CrossMed

About RefAssured:

RefAssured is a leading provider of reference checking solutions designed to empower organizations in making well-informed hiring decisions. With an intuitive platform and robust reference checking capabilities, RefAssured streamlines the reference checking process for recruiters and HR professionals. To learn more, visit