Healthcare Providers Get 11% Cost Savings Versus Staffing Agencies & Increase Coverage

McLean, VA—December 1, 2020—ShiftMed, LLC, an industry leader in on-demand health care staffing platforms, partnered with leading skilled nursing providers to offer Guaranteed Shifts™ to workers using the ShiftMed Mobile App. Guaranteed Shifts™ gives ShiftMed employees peace of mind, knowing they still get paid if a shift is canceled. Employee trust and confidence help skilled nursing providers fill more shifts while reducing reliance on surge pricing or a last-minute bonus. These positions include Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), and Registered Nurses (RNs).

ShiftMed’s skilled nursing partner client companies care for a variable number of patients, especially during this pandemic. The certainty of a Guaranteed Shift™ increases clients’ “fill” and “show” rates without adding expensive bonuses. During COVID-19, other staffing agencies increased prices to health care companies to capitalize on shortages.

“Our front-line employees do their best to manage during the COVID-19 Pandemic, which involves stressful coordination of childcare and transportation,” says Todd Walrath, CEO of ShiftMed. “Before Guaranteed Shifts™, one of our employees’ biggest risks was the possibility of a shift cancelation. We eliminated this risk to reduce the anxiety of our clinical team.”

The goodwill from Guaranteed Shifts™ yields tangible cost savings for ShiftMed customers; skilled nursing partners have seen cost per shift reduced by over 11%, an average savings of $3.30 per hour.

The app lists the Guaranteed Shifts™ requested locally, in real-time. Premier Healthcare Management is an early innovator by offering Guaranteed Shifts™. Employee response to Guaranteed Shifts™ is overwhelming:

  • 20% more likely to pick up shifts.
  • Commit to shifts 14 hours earlier.
  • More reliably show up with a 10% increase in show rate.

“We work hard with ShiftMed to break the cycle where workers would delay scheduling their hours. In the past, workers waited for surged rates or bonuses or the end of the week before committing to a shift,” declares Jan Ricchio, COO of Premier Healthcare Management. “Our guarantee of shifts through ShiftMed was strategic, exclusive, and reaped immediate rewards. By promising not to cancel shifts, we broke the cycle of offering bonuses to fill schedules while improving staffing reliability. The guarantee gives us better access to ShiftMed’s large pool of staff.”

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Premier Healthcare Management is a Philadelphia-based management company with 25 centers, including 9 in Pennsylvania. Premier locations are providers of high-quality residential services that allow seniors to remain active and independent, while confident of the best assistance, support, and medical care.

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