Text Request Launches Reviews Feature for Google Review Management

The new feature gives Text Request customers the ability to request, track, and respond to Google reviews seamlessly from Text Request.

CHATTANOOGA, TENN. (June 8, 2023) — Text Request, the industry-leading business messaging platform, announced today the release of its newest feature, Reviews — a review management solution that enables customers to request, track, and respond to reviews on Google directly from their Text Request dashboard. In addition to simplifying the process of requesting reviews from happy customers, this new feature allows businesses to respond to customer feedback within Text Request, rather than having to navigate through multiple platforms.

“We have mountains of data showing that businesses with more reviews win more customers, and that text messaging is the quickest way to get the most customer engagement,” said Kenneth Burke, Vice President of Marketing for Text Request. “Our new Reviews feature brings those two truths together so that businesses can earn, reply to, and manage all of their reviews and feedback inside of Text Request.”

How it works: 

Account Admins can connect their Google Business page to their Text Request dashboard. Then users can begin embedding custom review links in text messages to customers asking for reviews and private feedback. All public reviews and private feedback will show inside of Text Request, from where users can reply directly to reviews and track conversions over time.

Reviews can be configured to send customized, automated reminders, as well as thank you messages to customers who do submit reviews. It can also collect private messages from customers who do not wish to share their thoughts publicly, or be configured to solicit private feedback only, rather than public reviews.

Businesses can use Reviews to request and manage reviews across multiple Google Business locations from one Text Request account.

In addition to streamlining the review request/response processes, Reviews offers robust analytics and monitoring, including:

Total number of reviews

Average rating of reviews per platform, as well as average rating of all reviews

Number of review requests sent

Comparison data for organic reviews vs. those requested from Text Request

A variety of data filtering options, including year-to-date, month-to-date, and custom date ranges

Reviews is an add-on feature available to any Text Request customer.

“We’re always trying to give businesses the tools they need to better connect with customers and grow their businesses with less effort,” said Rob Reagan, Text Request CTO. “Reviews is another great example of that. Businesses will be able to get more online reviews, more private feedback, and manage all of it with minimal effort. It’s a win for businesses and for their customers.”

For more information about Reviews, visit textrequest.com/product/reviews. For more details on Text Request, or to schedule a demo, visit textrequest.com/demo.

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