Ultra-Staff EDGE Staffing Software Releases the Ultra-Staff EDGE JOBS Candidate Mobile App

Automated Business Designs (ABD), developers of Ultra-Staff EDGE staffing software, released the Ultra-Staff EDGE JOBS Candidate Mobile App this month. Ultra-Staff EDGE JOBS is designed for staffing agencies to provide their candidates with a mobile staffing experience. The mobile staffing solution houses everything a candidate needs, from the beginning stages when they are looking for a job, throughout employment and beyond. Ultra-Staff EDGE JOBS was innovatively designed to help candidates stay engaged with their staffing agency and provide an unbeatable experience they can’t get anywhere else.

“Years of strategic planning went into the design and user interface of Ultra-Staff EDGE JOBS to cultivate not only the ideal experience for candidates but an experience that helps resolve everyday staffing challenges,” said Michelle White, Director of Customer Success at Automated Business Designs. “The app is designed to give staffing agencies a competitive edge by decreasing their time to hire, turnover rate, and no-show rate, all while automating their recruiting workflow.”

Through Ultra-Staff EDGE JOBS, candidates can search and apply for jobs that the staffing agency pushed out to them. Candidates can accept interviews from the app and view their upcoming schedule. All upcoming assignments and interviews will appear on their calendar. If a conflict arises, right from the app they can cancel their assignment or interview. All details about their assignment and interview can be viewed, including who they report to, a map of the job or interview location, and details describing the assignment.

Candidates can also update their availability and enter time in Ultra-Staff EDGE JOBS. Recruiters will see this update immediately within Ultra-Staff EDGE, so they never miss a beat. While working and after, all employee documentation, including payroll checks, W2’s, 1099’s, and 1095’s can be accessed from the app, keeping candidates connected to their employee information.

One of the biggest game-changing features for the staffing industry is the Work Now feature. If a staffing agency has a job order that needs to be filled immediately, a recruiter can push the job out to specific candidates. From the app, candidates will see the notification for the Work Now opportunity and can accept it on the spot. Once a position has been accepted, the recruiter will see the status update in Ultra-Staff EDGE from OFFER to WORKING. No manual updates are needed by the recruiter, providing staffing agencies with an automated experience.

“The Work Now feature opens the door for staffing agencies to fill jobs at a pace that hasn’t been seen before by eliminating unnecessary back-and-forth communication,” stated Terri Roeslmeier, President and CEO at Automated Business Designs. “Recruiters can push jobs out to candidates to be accepted with a click of a button. It is the ultimate way to staff positions and decrease the time to hire.”

The messaging chat feature in Ultra-Staff EDGE JOBS also introduces one of the easiest ways for candidates and recruiters to communicate. When candidates message the staffing agency, the message will appear right on the recruiter’s Ultra-Staff EDGE dashboard in real time. Candidates will receive a push notification on their phones immediately when a recruiter sends them a message. The instant messaging feature changes the communication game between candidates and recruiters by introducing a fast, simple, and convenient way to message back and forth.

Another unique feature found within Ultra-Staff EDGE JOBS is Career Resources. The recruiter can upload Career Resources to help their candidates during their job search, whether that is an interview preparation guide, a resume guide, or tips on dressing for an interview. All resources can be uploaded and accessed within the app.

The best part about Ultra-Staff EDGE JOBS is it is completely connected to Ultra-Staff EDGE staffing and recruiting software. All updates made in the app are made in Ultra-Staff EDGE and vice versa. Staffing companies that use Ultra-Staff EDGE staffing software have a complete tech stack designed for staffing, including an ATS/CRM, Back Office, OnBoarding, Client and Employee Web Portals, and of course Mobile. Everything is connected to streamline and automate staffing and recruiting.

Ultra-Staff EDGE JOBS is available now to download from the App Store® and on Google Play®. To get started, reach out to Automated Business Designs today.

To learn more about Automated Business Designs and Ultra-Staff EDGE staffing software, visit http://www.abd.net.

About Automated Business Designs
Automated Business Designs (ABD) develops the staffing and recruiting software solution, Ultra-Staff EDGE. Designed for temporary, direct hire, and medical staffing, Ultra-Staff EDGE allows you to seamlessly stay connected with clients and candidates through a robust all-in-one solution that includes front and back office, web portals, onboarding, mobile, data analytics, scheduling, and a labor dispatch module. ABD has been servicing the staffing industry for 40 years and is an active member of the American Staffing Association (ASA), National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS), Wisconsin Association of Staffing Services (WASS), New York Staffing Association (NYSA), TempNet Staffing Association, and board member status in the Illinois Search and Staffing Association (ISSA).