Wonolo Announces New Managed Services Program for Enterprise

Wonolo’s Managed Services program includes job post management, attendance verification, post-job reconciliation, and more to help businesses increase operational efficiency

NASHVILLE, Tenn.Oct. 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Wonolo, an on-demand job marketplace that connects workers to hourly and flat-rate jobs posted by thousands of businesses across the United States, announced the launch of its Managed Services program, an enterprise solution to support businesses in managing jobs posted  through the Wonolo platform.

Wonolo Managed Services is a white-glove, end-to-end job management solution for enterprise customers that may be managing multiple locations, have a high volume of jobs, and have general bandwidth constraints for platform management.

“We’re excited to launch Managed Services to support enterprise customers in successfully leveraging the Wonolo platform,” said Lori Macias, Chief Revenue Officer at Wonolo. “This customizable service streamlines  and simplifies the administrative processes related to finding and paying workers, so our customers can focus on other essential areas of their operations. Our Managed Services support team handles all tasks related to platform management helping businesses save time and resources that would otherwise be spent on logistics. The efficiency gains are significant.”

Wonolo’s specialized Managed Services support team manages job postings and administrative work based on business needs, direction, and feedback. The services include:

  • Job Management: Businesses tell Wonolo the jobs they want to post, edit, and/or cancel, and the Managed Services team handles the rest.
  • Post-Job Reconciliation: Businesses can provide feedback on available jobs and the Managed Services team takes care of marking jobs complete on the platform, adjusting payment, modifying hours, and more.
  • Wonoloer Preferences: Businesses can create a list of preferred workers to invite back for future jobs, favorite workers who are a good match, or block workers who may not be the best fit.

To learn more about Wonolo’s Managed Services, visit: www.wonolo.com/managed-services/

About Wonolo

Wonolo is an on-demand job marketplace that has connected over one million workers (“Wonoloers”) to retail, manufacturing, hospitality, and other types of hourly and flat-rate jobs posted by thousands of businesses across the United States. Wonolo is on a mission to make work flexible and fulfilling for everyone, while enabling businesses to efficiently fill local job opportunities. For more information, visit www.wonolo.com.