Year Up Professional Resources, PBC (YUPRO) Announces Name Change and Continued Commitment to Skills-First Hiring

The job placement firm rebrands to Year Up Professional Placement emphasizing its focus to place non-degreed, entry-level, and mid-career level talent skilled through non-traditional pathways.

[Boston, Mass. — February 13, 2023] –Year Up Professional Resources, PBC (YUPRO), a public benefit placement firm promoting skills-based hiring solutions, announced today a brand name change to Year Up Professional Placement, with promotion as YUPRO Placement. The timing of the new corporate brand name aligns with this critical moment in history that demands radical disruption to traditional hiring practices in sourcing, hiring, upskilling, and advancing traditionally overlooked talent.

A skills-first hiring strategy focuses on hiring talent for skills, abilities, and competencies, regardless of a college degree or formal qualifications. This approach enhances the diversity of an organization, specifically focusing on the hiring and advancement of people of color, who are underrepresented in many industries and face barriers to jobs with higher-wage career mobility, especially into managerial and executive roles, without a four-year degree.

“YUPRO Placement is a placement firm that accelerates and amplifies skills-based hiring strategies by challenging outdated hiring practices and building career pathways for non-degreed talent,” said company CEO Michelle Sims. “We promote inclusive hiring practices and partner with companies seeking to broaden their access to an untapped talent community skilled through alternative pathways, such as internships, workforce development training, industry-recognized certifications, bootcamps, and community college classes. Founded on the belief that talent is universal, but job opportunity is not, we are dedicated to helping our clients adopt a skills-first approach to meeting their entry-level talent hiring demands.”

With 70% of Americans over the age of 25 lacking a college degree, YUPRO Placement is shattering the talent shortage narrative with its diverse talent community of over 100,000 ready-to-work candidates who possess the in-demand skills and experience employers need today.

YUPRO Placement’s unique approach combines workforce development, award-winning upskilling pathways, and wraparound support services resulting in industry-leading tenure on assignment and higher than U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics average wages, enabling upward socioeconomic mobility for those overlooked by standard recruiting methods.

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About YUPRO Placement

YUPRO Placement is the industry-leading skills-first placement firm bringing together a purposeful workforce ecosystem that champions sourcing, recruiting, retaining, and advancing traditionally overlooked talent. Since 2014, companies of every size and sector have trusted YUPRO Placement as their preferred partner to deliver strategic, skills-based hiring solutions with access to diverse, career-ready talent from an exclusive, nationwide network of mission-aligned nonprofits and upskilling partners. Today’s top employers build diverse and inclusive workplaces with YUPRO Placement while creating pathways to upward economic mobility, because placement with social impact is better business.