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1. [Case Study] High-Volume Hiring Without Sacrificing Talent Quality

From Randstad Insight

With rapid market changes, are you facing spikes in hiring demands? How will you quickly deliver the talent your company needs right now while ensuring a positive experience?

Do you need to hire a large number of roles in a short period of time to keep up with customer demand or support a new business initiative? How will you hire the right people quickly while remaining agile?

A business services company had to hire 475 new customer service agents in a short period of time to support a new client, but it wasn’t able to dedicate internal resources to this large-scale hiring project. Find out how the company met the hiring goal with recruitment process outsourcing (RPO):

  • 475 customer service agents were hired in just 3 weeks
  • quick implementation of an applicant tracking system (ATS) to automate and power the recruitment process
  • over 1,100 candidates were interviewed in the 3-week period, resulting in more than 100 interviews per day

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2. The Essential Guide to Applicant Tracking System Software in 2021: Must-Knows Before Buying

From Software Advice

Discover everything you need to know in one place.

Save hours on your software search. This super useful bundle breaks down everything important about Applicant Tracking System software, including top options, features, pricing structures and more.


  • 2021 Buyers Guide: Get answers to all your key questions about Applicant Tracking System software, how it works, and other must-knows.
  • 2021 Pricing Guide: Don’t let hidden costs burn through your budget—this guide helps you avoid them.

Need more hands-on help? Software Advice is the free resource that helps you find great software. After your download, you’ll be able to chat one-on-one with an advisor who specializes in software for your industry. You’ll get a list of software recommendations that match your needs in 15 min or less.

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3. Ultimate Guide to Achieving Resilience in Your Distributed Workforce

From Tanium

Achieving Resilience in Your Distributed Workforce Environment During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond

The COVID-19 pandemic forced organizations across the world to transition their workforce to a remote work environment overnight, disrupting processes and workflows and creating chaos in a time where clarity and control are needed the most.

Download this white paper to learn how organizations in the most demanding and complex environments are leveraging Tanium to build resilience, maintain business continuity, and manage their long-term risk for today, tomorrow and the new normal.

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4. 5 Steps to Building a Hybrid Workforce

From Bluescape

Are you ready for a hybrid model?

82% of executives plan to adopt a hybrid work model in 2021. Is your organization’s plan to build its hybrid work model fully informed? Learn what you can do to help your remote and in-office employees be productive:

  • Recreating the in-person experience
  • Hybrid work tech stack
  • Integrating technology and the physical office space

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5. 2021 Talent Acquisition Technology Trends

From GR8 People

Driven by increasing pressure to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness, talent acquisition teams are overcoming their tech challenges by investing in a unified and seamless talent platform.

Overnight, the COVID-19 pandemic brought to light major limitations associated with the cumbersome TA tech stacks many recruiting teams had been saddled with for years. On the other hand, those who had invested in a unified talent platform were able to effectively navigate the complexities of managing talent during the earliest days of the crisis.

This eBook explores the significant benefits that are realized through a natively built talent platform across hiring process efficiency, data-based insights, and collaboration and connection. Among the exceptional results achieved by the forward-thinking talent acquisition teams that have adopted a platform approach are:

  • An 80% reduction in time to slate
  • A 25% reduction in time to fill
  • A 35% reduction in cost of ownership

See how your team can make the switch to a modern platform—one that delivers seamless experiences while driving immediate improvements in performance and productivity.

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