Staffing agencies have been laser-focused on candidate experience for many years now — but it’s not just candidates they have to impress. Forward-thinking agencies are also transforming their operations to better meet the expectations of their clients. 

We surveyed over 100 staffing agency leaders to find out how they’re changing communication methods, embracing technology, and eliminating friction to enhance the client experience.

Here are a few highlights from the report:

  • Staffing agencies are finding it challenging to get timely client feedback on candidate submissions, with almost 20% reporting that it takes five days or longer to get a client response to their candidate submissions — that’s enough time for those candidates to accept a role elsewhere.
  • To improve how they communicate with clients, many agencies are using or plan to use client portals (75%) and self-service candidate requests (54%).
  • It’s also getting harder to find new clients — one-third of respondents said it’s more difficult now than it was last year.

Download the full report for more insights on the current and future state of client experience management in the staffing industry.