The Staffing Stream just released its workplace trends to keep an eye on in 2017. Here’s what they think this year will bring:

  1. The staffing trends of the past five years will continue to evolve. For example, Millennials, who have been on hirer’s mind for years, will move into more leadership roles.
  2. “Agile performance management” will be the defining leadership style. Instead of saving feedback for the annual review, leaders will constantly be looking for and encouraging performance improvement.
  3. With more Millennials at the helm, empathy will become a crucial soft skill.
  4. Work-life blend will replace work-life balance. More workers will telecommute at least part-time.
  5. Cutting-edge staffing technologies will become more mainstream. Advances in virtual or augmented reality will increasingly allow candidates to train off-site and get a better sense of their potential workplaces — before they accept the job.   

Source: The Staffing Stream, 5 Workplace Trends For 2017 – Talent Acquisition Execs, Are You Ready? December 2016