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“With the explosion of AI in recruiting, as well as the challenges of greeting a new generation of workers and grappling with when, where, and how people should work, there is a lot for talent leaders to consider when shaping the hiring and retention landscape,” said Jeanne MacDonald, Chief Executive Officer, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Korn Ferry.

Here are the six trends Korn Ferry believes will shape the industry next year:

  • AI and recruiters – AI can help recruiters be more efficient in many ways, and 82% of staffing leaders expect AI to have a significant impact on their business. But, Korn Ferry notes, there are two “big risks” that leaders need to address – questionable accuracy and the loss of the human touch in hiring.
  • AI and candidates – Candidates are also using AI, to write resumes and cover letters, compare salaries, and more. Here, too, Korn Ferry warns of the risks, specifically to make sure that job postings are real, and not just scams to steal personal information.
  • Early career hiring – Companies will look for more entry-level workers, perhaps even candidates who are still in high school, both for budgetary reasons and because a wider talent pool will help with organizations’ DE&I efforts.
  • Hiring for skills – Organizations will prioritize skills over job experience. This will result in hiring from a wider talent pool as well as upskilling current employees.
  • Empathy regains importance – Culture, and especially empathy at the top of the organization, will be of particular importance for companies that want to hold onto their best employees.
  • Relocate or resign – As employers start requiring workers to return to the office, remote employees are being left in the lurch. Korn Ferry suggests that companies will need to re-evaluate their relocation policies to retain their top talent.

Learn more about all of these trends in the full report. Korn Ferry will also be discussing them at a webinar on November 30.