Cropped shot of female accountant working bookkeeping documents, checking financial data at office

Financial controls, accounting, and audit; project management; and financial planning, analysis, and modeling are the most in-demand skills this year, according to Business Talent Group’s 2023 Skills Index. Growth strategy and organizational design and workforce planning round out the top 5.

Overall, the index reveals a need for workers with expertise in finance, technology, and operational excellence. This is also reflected in the fastest-growing skills, which include everything from total quality management to artificial intelligence to turnaround and restructuring.

“The skills landscape is evolving at a breakneck pace and can have a pronounced impact on an organization’s ability to remain competitive and profitable,” said Sandra Pinnavaia, EVP, Chief Knowledge & Innovation Officer, Business Talent Group in a press release. “Organizations are currently working to keep up with the pace of technological and innovative change, all while navigating a shifting labor market and economic uncertainty. These equally important yet competing priorities call for a wide range of skill sets—and today’s business leaders will need to embrace creativity and agility in sourcing them.”