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Generative AI’s rapid rise is transforming the world of work, and it’s the subject of the latest edition of The State of Tech Talent report from General Assembly. 

To find out how companies are keeping up with the demand for workers with AI skills, General Assembly conducted a survey of more than 1,000 HR leaders from around the world. Nearly all respondents (97%) reported incorporating AI into their operations or products, and the majority have even added AI skills requirements to non-technical positions (95%).

But finding AI-savvy talent is no easy feat — 69% of HR professionals said it’s more challenging to find talent with sufficient AI skills than it is to find candidates for traditionally hard-to-fill roles like data analytics, software engineering, and UX design.

Given the shortage, it’s become more expensive to secure talent with proficiency in AI, too. More than nine in 10 survey participants said that qualified candidates want higher salaries. And most companies (66%) will pay the asking price to fill these high-demand roles. 

Besides raising salaries, other strategies companies are using to find and hire the right talent include reducing traditional educational requirements (53%) and boosting their HR staff (52%).

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