Happy lifestyle female smiling using smartphone in coffee shop, young business woman working with laptop computer she holding smart mobile phone at cefa for texting messages

Texting is replacing email and phone calls as the quickest, most reliable way for businesses to get in touch with the people they serve. 

Based on survey responses from more than 1,000 working professionals across industries, the 2024 State of Business Texting Report from Text Request found that seven in 10 people consider texting the fastest way to reach them. Most respondents (35%) say texting saves them two to five hours a week.

Texting also helps ensure messages aren’t missed, forgotten, or disregarded. While the average email account receives 78 emails a day and has an average open rate ranging from 21% to 34%, most people (66%) get less than 20 text messages a day, and 74% read every text they receive. More than six in 10 (62% of) people also respond to their texts within a few minutes. That’s likely why 54% of respondents rated texting as the most effective way to get a response (compared to 21% for phone calls and 13% for email).

Many businesses are already using text messaging for customer service (75%), appointment scheduling (68%), and alerts and notifications (62%). And when asked what else they wish their company would use texting for, most respondents said reviews and feedback (35%). 

For more information on how businesses are using texting, see the full report.