Businesspeople legs sitting in chair in queue wait job interview

Though less optimistic about the availability of jobs in their chosen field than they were a year ago (28% compared to 34%), 37% of employees in the U.S. are hoping to find a new job this year, as revealed in a new Harris Poll survey commissioned by Express Employment Professionals

Even though the average stay at their current company is eight years, the vast majority (85%) of respondents expressed fears about their current job, likely the reason many are now looking elsewhere. Top concerns included: 

  • Not getting the salary increase or raise they deserve (48%)
  • A change in team structure (29%) 
  • Losing their job before securing a new one (28%)
  • Slowdown in work opportunities due to economic conditions (25%)
  • Never getting promoted (25%)
  • Their company cutting employees for economic reasons (25%)

Many employed job seekers have asked for a raise (44%) and better benefits (32%) to help with the increased cost of living. So, understandably, respondents most commonly cited better compensation (51%) as the reason they’re looking for a new opportunity, followed by better work-life balance (41%) and better growth opportunities (38%). 

Job seekers are almost evenly split between whether securing a job will be easy or difficult, but most (69%) feel that it will take them six months or less to find a job (up from 62% in spring 2023).