Portrait of happy business teacher standing in office after corporate team training class

Workers experienced unprecedented levels of satisfaction in 2022. A recent survey by The Conference Board found that the majority (62.3%) of U.S. workers were satisfied during the year, an increase from 60.2% in 2021. This marks the highest recorded level since the survey began in 1987. 

Satisfaction levels improved in almost all 26 components measured. Gains in non-compensation factors were more than those from improved pay and benefits, with the following areas showing increases:

  • Work/life balance: +5.8 ppts (60.1%)
  • Workload: +4.5 ppts (55.5%)
  • Performance review process: +4.3 ppts (52.6%)

Satisfaction with compensation also improved, with the following notable areas increasing:

  • Health plans: +4.2 ppts (58.7%)
  • Bonus plans: +4.1 ppts (47.0%)
  • Education/job training programs: +3.7 ppts (48.3%)
  • Wages: +2.2 ppts (57.6%)

Job satisfaction is higher among those who voluntarily switched jobs since the start of the pandemic compared to those who didn’t switch jobs. Women are less satisfied with their jobs than men.