Staffing Industry Analyst’s Healthcare Staffing Summit is poised to take on the hopes and fears of a rapidly changing industry next week in Dallas (November 13-15). The healthcare staffing industry is full of uncertainty right now as the ramifications of legislative issues remain up in the air, staffing shortages are forecasted in the next decade, and technological shifts yield new possibilities and challenges. The summit will analyze and discuss these evolutions and how your staffing firm can thrive in the uncertainty.

SIA President Barry Asin said: “As the industry contends with its successes, evolving reach and a backdrop of potential legislative change, we are excited to welcome leaders from across healthcare staffing and the wider ecosystem to formulate, share and hone actionable strategies that define excellence across business practices, now and for the future.”

With that in mind, SIA’s prepared a great lineup of keynotes.

In his “The Outlook for Healthcare Staffing” opening keynote, Tony Gregoire, SIA’s director of research for the Americas, will root his discussion of the future in his analysis of the past. He’ll delve into the results SIA’s latest forecasts and surveys of the healthcare staffing market and discuss what long-term trends staffing firms can plan for.

Healthcare futurist and author Ian Morrison will lend insight into how staffing firms can intelligently respond to uncertainty around the Affordable Care Act in his keynote, “The Future of the Healthcare Marketplace: What’s Next?” He’ll lay out possible futures and define how to best adapt your strategic initiatives to prepare for them.

The Summit will end with a focus on the present with the closing keynote, “Broadcasting Happiness: Creating Success Through Positive Engagement.” Michelle Gielan, author of Broadcasting Happiness and founder of the Institute for Applied Positive Research, will give you actionable positive communication techniques you can implement today to increase employee engagement, productivity, and happiness.

If you’re looking for more on positive communication strategies, check out our Staffing Industry Benchmarking Report. It gives you the metrics to understand how the fastest-growing staffing firms communicate better. And come on by Booth #211 — we’d love to chat with you about it at the Summit.