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As staffing companies continue to adopt artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, many job seekers are concerned that the tools could lead to bias. According to a recent American Staffing Association poll, 49% of employed U.S. job seekers believe AI recruiting tools are more biased than humans. Despite this skepticism, almost 4 in 10 (39%) job seekers have used AI tools to apply for a job.

“Job seekers may feel comfortable using artificial intelligence tools in their job search, but that does not equate to trusting AI to make fair hiring decisions,” said ASA chief executive officer Richard Wahlquist. “As AI tools become more widely deployed, it’s critical that hiring managers work to increase transparency and accountability in their hiring processes and use tools that meet current and emerging antibias standards. It’s also critically important that policymakers and technologists thoughtfully consider measures intended to lower bias in AI hiring systems.”