Successful company with happy employees in modern office

A positive work environment and flexibility are top-of-mind for job seekers. This news comes from iHire’s 2024 Hiring & Job Search Outlook Report. The report gives hiring professionals guidance for 2024 by revealing what will be most important to job seekers in the coming year.

The report, which surveyed 1,327 U.S. job seekers, found that, besides salary, a positive work environment is the top wish (71.7%) for candidates looking for a new job. This was followed by good relationships with management (57.3%) and appealing company cultures (44.6%).

Flexible work continues to be important to employees. Just over four in 10 (43.4%) of candidates plan to work remotely or in a hybrid setting in 2024. Slightly less (42.1%) plan to spend most of the year working in person. A good portion of job seekers are looking for remote (31.9%) and hybrid (24.1%) work options in their next job.

Workers also value professional development. Almost 40% (37.5%) said it is vital for their next employer to offer these opportunities. More than two in five respondents (42.7%) said the same about growth and advancement opportunities.

Steve Flook, iHire’s President and CEO, said employers could use the report as a guide to maintain an advantage. “As employers rebound from a year marked by economic uncertainty, talent shortages, and hiring slowdowns in some industries, they are seeking to optimize their approaches to talent acquisition, development, and retention,” he said.