image of two business partners dealing negotiation. two business partners dealing negotiation.

The number of job openings during the month of May fell to 9.8 million, a decrease of -496,000 from April, according to the most recent Job Openings and Labor Turnover report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

Where job openings increased

  • Professional and business services (+94,000)
  • Educational services (+45,000)
  • State and local government, excluding education (+41,000)
  • Transportation, warehousing, and utilities (+41,000)
  • State and local education (+37,000)

Where job openings decreased

  • Health care and social assistance (-285,000)
  • Finance and insurance (-139,000)
  • Retail trade (-125,000)
  • Other services (-78,000)
  • Arts, entertainment, and recreation (-69,000)

The number and rate of quits rose to 4.0 million and 2.6%, respectively. This is up from 3.8 million and 2.4% in April. Quits rose the most in health care and social assistance (+69,000), education and health services (+64,000), and construction (+57,000).