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National hiring rates are slowing after a spring surge. According to a new report from LinkedIn, hiring rates across the country were 1.6% lower in October 2021 than the previous month. While hiring was 23.4% higher this October compared to last, it remains 1.2% below pre-COVID levels.

LinkedIn Hiring Rate ReportSource: LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s Workforce Report November 2021 revealed a mixed portrait of recovery across the country. Many industries that are struggling to adapt amid factors such as supply chain issues and high turnover rates still exceeded pre-COVID hiring levels.

Industries with the biggest monthly gains

  • Agriculture (13% higher)
  • Education (8% higher)
  • Public safety (7.4% higher)

Industries experiencing their strongest hiring levels compared to pre-pandemic

  • Recreation & travel (41.1% higher)
  • Software & IT (22.7% higher)
  • Corporate services (17.4% higher)

Cities with the the strongest hiring levels compared to pre-pandemic

  • Austin (14.9% higher)
  • Houston (9.4% higher)
  • Miami (9.4% higher)