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It’s still a candidate-driven market, according to 65% of agency recruiters in Top Echelon’s latest survey. One-quarter (25%) said candidates are losing leverage.

The survey asked 20,000 recruiters about their views on the current market, the economic outlook, and other factors impacting recruiting. Here are some additional findings:

  • More than two-thirds (68%) of recruiters said the talent shortage is a significant challenge, followed by budget constraints (50%) and competition from other employers (49%).
  • Just 31% were optimistic about the economic outlook for the industry, citing recent market trends along with industry-specific indicators as influencing factors. 42% said they were planning to hire more, while 30% said they were planning to hire less.
  • Candidates are turning down offers and ghosting at roughly the same rate as last year, according to almost half of recruiters.