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Our top articles from February include a look at the types of employees who are most likely to leave their jobs, as well as increases in high-end independent workers and recruiting costs in 2021.

#1. These Employees Have the Highest Quit Rates — Here’s How to Keep Them Around

Workers who are on-site and have low-paying jobs, healthcare workers, and parents and caregivers are among those most likely to leave their jobs. Learn how to keep these employees on the team.

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#2.  The Modern Way to Fill Roles Faster

This article from our sponsors highlights how branded mobile apps can help attract applicants. StaffUpApp provides a quick and simple staffing solution that provides in-app mobile onboarding and easy candidate access to available positions, among other features.

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#3. The Number of High-End Independent Workers Surged in 2021

The number of highly skilled, independent workers was on the rise in 2021, increasing almost 30% year-over-year. This increase is attributed to workers’ desire for control, variety, and flexibility. Pay rates for independent consultants have also gone up since 2020.

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#4. Recruiting Costs Soared in 2021: Appcast Recruitment Marketing Benchmark Report

Recruiting costs increased dramatically last year, according to a report released by Appcast. This increase is largely due to the disparity between the number of job openings and labor supply. The cost of placing online job ads has risen 14% since the start of the pandemic.

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#5. January Jobs Report: Strong Start to the Year With 467,000 Jobs Added

Nonfarm payroll experienced a gain of 467,000 jobs in January. Currently, nonfarm employment is 2.9 million jobs away from its pre-pandemic level. Unemployment rates held steady in January at 4.0%, and the number of job leavers increased to 952,000.

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