The Modern Way to Fill Roles Faster

Many staffing firms are experiencing how difficult it is to fill open roles today. So what’s the solution? It’s clearly not more job board placements (Indeed, ZipRecruiter, etc.), which, as you’ve likely experienced, are expensive and far less effective than they used to be.  

Today, 95% of phone use is in mobile apps. We all have cell phones where we do banking, call for ride-sharing services, look up the weather, etc. When was the last time you did any of those things from your computer?  

Branded mobile apps can help staffing and recruiting firms meet candidates where they happen to be while improving all the metrics that matter to your business. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Fill Jobs Fast
    • The instant you have a role to fill, a candidate with the qualifications to fill it is just a click away.
  • Onboard New Employees Fast
    • Why wait for a new hire to get to their computer to complete your onboarding packet? Or worse, why risk them trying to complete your onboarding packet from a mobile browser? Quickly onboard employees from your app, while keeping your company in compliance.
  • Brand Your Mobile App
    • Put your brand out there and keep your open roles within a click away.
  • Reach Candidates At Any Time
    • Email is one of the worst ways to reach candidates today, with the lowest open and response rates compared to texting and push notifications.
    • Texting is great, but a mobile app adds a contact for your brand in the app’s contact list, so that a text doesn’t come in as a 10-digit number (123-123-1234). Instead, your texts come in as “Text from ABC Staffing.” The response rate jumps to over 90%!
    • In-app, two-way push notifications are even better than texting, with the highest response rate possible today.

A Quick And Simple Staffing Solution

It’s time to modernize the approach to candidate engagement and consolidate the multiple places candidates have to go to communicate with recruiters, receive announcements, apply to open positions, complete onboarding paperwork, manage timekeeping, and more.

StaffUpApp can help with that:

In-App Mobile Onboarding

  • Smart, easy-to-complete forms directly from your app. The fewer places candidates have to go to do things, the faster and more consistently they get them done.
  • Integrated with most ATS systems to upload completed documents

Your Listed Jobs

  • Candidates can easily see your available positions and receive push notification alerts for matches
  • Differentiate your brand from the hundreds of other firms on crowded job boards

Fill Shifts Faster

  • Automate the busywork and increase productivity
  • Improve redeployment rates
  • Reduce time-to-fill from hours to minutes
  • Get the right people in the right shift

In-App Mobile Timekeeping

  • Employees want a simple, consistent, and reliable timekeeping solution
  • Geofencing
  • Save time, reduce errors
  • Seamless timesheet management via the intuitive client dashboard
  • QuickBooks invoicing and/or CSV exports for importing into your ATS

Generate Consistent Leads From Your Existing Talent Pool

  • What better way to get qualified leads than to ask an already qualified employee? It’s been proven that placements from referrals are of much higher quality.
  • Quickly roll out a robust referral program allowing candidates to refer their colleagues from their phone contacts in the app.

A Branded Approach is the Key!

Process more candidates in less time without any frustrations. StaffUpApp provides a branded mobile app to help reduce firms’ cost per hire, fill jobs fast, provide a seamless candidate experience, and maximize the investment made into cultivating their talent pools.

54% of our new hires came from StaffUpApp and it outperformed our Indeed spend.”       – Greg Johnson, Owner, StaffNow

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