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As we begin the third month of the year and approach the spring season, here are our top posts from February to help you catch up on industry news.

#1. 11 Ways the Role of the Recruiter Is Evolving in 2021

Challenges like the shift to remote work and an uncertain job market changed the way recruiters find and attract talent. While some of those changes may fade out as things stabilize, others will leave long-term impacts on the recruitment industry going forward. Learn more about the evolution of the recruiter role in this guest article. 

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#2. For Both Employers and Job Seekers, 2020 Was the Year of the Ghost

Ghosting is a growing phenomenon in the hiring process, as a new survey from Indeed suggests. And candidates aren’t the only party guilty of the act — a surprising number of employers ghosted job seekers in 2020. 

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#3. 46% of Hiring Decision-Makers Expect to Increase Employee Count in Near Future

It’s been a slow recovery process for the job market, and we’re still 10 million jobs behind February 2020’s status. But many employers are optimistic — nearly half expect to boost hiring over the next few months. 

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#4. How Does Your Compensation Stack Up? Insights from PayScale’s 2021 Compensation Best Practices Report

Before the pandemic, 85% of organizations intended to give pay raises in 2020, but only 64% followed through with this plan. These findings from PayScale’s 2021 Compensation Best Practices Report reveal some gaps between compensation priorities and practices.

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#5. Online Labour Index Shows the Supply and Demand for Freelance Work Around the Globe

Each month, we take a look at the jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. But those numbers don’t show just how much the online gig economy has grown — it increased by 72% from September 2016 to May 2020. And it’s making a swift recovery from the pandemic’s impact. 

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