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Our most popular topics for March include optimizing the I-9 process for better hiring and growth, recent data on the decline of contingent workforce employment, and a look at the most in-demand tech skills for workers this year.

#1. [On-Demand Webinar] Hire Smart, Grow Fast: Mastering I-9 Efficiency

This on-demand webinar covers how staffing firms can optimize their I-9 process, leading to increased hiring capacity as well as a reduced time-to-hire. Various topics are covered, such as how one specific change can reduce I-9 admin burdens and how to stay prepared for costs and risks in an audit.

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#2. Contingent Workforce Employment Down 8.5%: Magnit

Findings from a recent report from Magnit show that employment for the contingent workforce went down 8.5% in February. Reasons for this drop include lower hiring rates at the end of last year as well as a slower rebound in the new year. Additionally, the findings indicate that women have made up the majority of job growth this year.

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#3. Diversity, Burnout, and Problem-Solving with Vinda Souza

Vinda Souza joins The Staffing Show to dive into topics including the importance of diversity for problem-solving and recognizing blind spots, causes and potential solutions for burnout, and how to make hiring decisions that lead to healthy, supportive teams.

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#4. AI, Automation Helped Staffing Firms Boost Revenue Gains in 2023: Bullhorn GRID Report

The number of staffing firms that reported revenue growth decreased in 2023 for the first time in three years. This news comes from Bullhorn’s latest GRID report, which found that, despite the overall decline in revenue growth, 17% of surveyed firms were able to increase revenue growth by over 10% last year, thanks in part to early adoption of innovative technologies. 

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#5. Tech Skills in High Demand for 2024: Upwork

Recent research from Upwork reveals what tech skills are in high demand this year, including generative AI modeling, machine learning, and data analytics. This piece also highlights the top three fasting growing skills in several different professional categories. 

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