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Topics for our top May articles include using texting to streamline the recruiting process, the end of the Great Resignation, and a look at Forbes’ 2023 list of America’s Best Recruiting and Staffing Firms. 

#1. Pay Matters Most, but Hourly Workers Also Want Respect, Growth, and Flexibility: Employbridge

Employbridge’s “The Voice of the American Workforce” survey found that hourly workers are most motivated to stay or leave a job by pay. They also care about career advancement and a respectful, flexible workplace. Additionally, some workers are looking for a break from the traditional workweek.

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#2. 5 Ways Texting Streamlines the Recruiting Process

Guest author Jessica Ayre highlights how the contact method for recruiting candidates has changed. More than three quarters (77%) of people said that texting was the fastest way to reach them, while calls often go unanswered and e-mails unread. Texting can be used to vet candidates, schedule interviews, and other hiring-related tasks.

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#3. Is the Great Resignation Over?

A recent study from Qualtrics revealed that a quarter (25%) of employees feel they would have a hard time finding a job if they lost theirs. This feeling was more prevalent for women than it was for men; however, women were more likely to feel secure in their job.

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#4. Forbes Honors 2023’s Best Recruiting and Staffing Firms

Forbes recently announced the 2023 lineup of America’s Best Recruiting and Staffing Firms. Robert Half, Kelly, and Korn Ferry took the top spots in the three lists.

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#5. Hannah MacDonald, Co-Owner of Better Together, on Gen Z in the Workforce

Hannah MacDonald, co-owner of Better Together Group, joined David Folwell to discuss Gen Z in the workforce. She shares insights on their work ethic and background, as well as tips on how this generation can be a valuable addition to any company.

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