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Our top articles for November include a guest article that explores the use of vendor management systems, a look at the staffing firms that were listed on Fortune’s Best Workplaces for Women 2023 list, and a piece that explores iHire’s 2023 Talent Retention Report, which found that both job satisfaction and resignations have increased.

#1. Unlocking the Power of VMS for a Successful 2024 Business Strategy

Guest author Tiffany Steppenbacker explores the use of a vendor management system (VMS), providing advice and insights such as the advantages of a VMS, how to choose the right provider, and best practices for training your team. 

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#2. 150,000 Jobs Added to Nonfarm Payroll in October: BLS Jobs Report

Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 150,000 jobs during the month of October. This is below the current monthly 12-month average of +258,000. Industries that saw the most increases were healthcare (+58,000) and government (+51,000).

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#3. Staffing Firms Named to Fortune’s Best Workplaces for Women 2023 List

Several staffing firms made Fortune’s Best Workplaces for Women list this year. Aya Healthcare, Robert Half, Kforce, and Jackson Healthcare made the list of best large workplaces for women. Roth Staffing Companies and ALKU are two of the best small and medium workplaces for women.

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#4. Job Satisfaction Is Up, but So Are Resignations: iHire 2023 Talent Retention Report

iHire’s 2023 Talent Retention Report found that more than half (56%) of workers are happy with their current or most recent job. This is a 16% year-over-year increase. That said, resignations have increased by 5%, and almost three-quarters of employers say all or most of their turnover was due to voluntary quits. The most common reason for quitting a job was listed as a toxic or negative work environment (36%).

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#5. Danny Minor, President and Partner at Allegiance Staffing, on Technology in the Staffing Industry

This episode of The Staffing Show featured an interview with Danny Minor, president and partner at Allegiance Staffing. During the show, Minor talked about his experience being part of a licensee model and how this allows for connections to a network of like-minded professionals. He also shared how empathy has guided him throughout his professional journey.

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