Close-up of carton box with documents, files and plant of fired worker. Unemployment or moving to office, unpacking packages, dismissed male walking away

Employee satisfaction is on the rise — 56% of workers said they’re happy with their current or most recent job, a 16% year-over-year increase, according to iHire’s 2023 Talent Retention Report. One in four employees said they were “very” satisfied with their jobs, a 65% increase over last year.

iHire surveyed more than 4,000 employees and employers across 57 industries, finding that despite this boost in satisfaction, resignations have increased by 5%. Nearly three-quarters of employers attributed all or most of their turnover to voluntary quits. 

Among the 43% of workers who quit a job over the past year, the most common reason for doing so was a toxic or negative work environment (36%). Other top reasons for quitting included:

  • Discontent with the manager/supervisor (29%)
  • Lack of recognition/appreciation (22%)
  • Poor work-life balance (21%)
  • Lack of growth or advancement opportunities (21%)
  • Unhappy with pay/salary (20%)

Almost four in ten employees plan to leave their current job over the next year, and another 33% expressed uncertainty about how much longer they’ll stay. 

Employers have made efforts to reduce turnover via pay raises (65%), bonuses (40%), and employee recognition (34%). However, 13% said they expect turnover at their company to increase over the next three months, and nearly half expect their turnover rate to stay the same.