Millennial candidates

In 2016, Millennials were more likely to relocate for a job (50%) and switch industries (16%) than non-Millennials, according to data from LinkedIn.

The new jobs they’re taking are most likely to be in tech, healthcare, and finance. Their experience and expertise with technology give Millennials the edge in such digital or tech-heavy positions. Millennials bring skills like social media marketing, data mining, and software applications in a much greater capacity than other generations. Lack of career advancement was cited as the number one reason Millennials leave their jobs. They want careers with upward mobility, and the ever-growing tech industry offers the growth potential Millennials are looking for.

Recruiters don’t need to be limited by geography in their search for Millennial candidates. They can attract more of this generation’s top talent by emphasizing growth opportunities and pairing them with positions that match their unique talents.       

Source: LinkedIn Talent Blog, The Top Industries Gaining and Losing Millennials, According to LinkedIn Data