Laptop computer, phone and coffee in the garden - freelance or remote work concept. small depth of field, focus on the keyboard

Remote work could be beneficial for work that requires deep concentration. A new report from Hubstaff found that remote employees spend more time daily on focused tasks than their in-office counterparts. They also experience fewer interruptions.

Hubstaff found that remote teams devote 59.48% of their week to “focus time” compared to just 48.5% of in-office teams. This equals an average of 4.55 hours daily for remote workers and 3.73 hours for in-office workers.

Additionally, remote workers report an average of 2.78 interruptions each day, which is 18% fewer than the 3.4 reported by office workers. Since it takes an average of 23 minutes to regain focus after being interrupted, more interruptions for office workers means more time lost. And it adds up — remote workers save almost 62 hours every year just due to less downtime after interruptions.