Finding a new job is a big step and candidates nowadays aren’t doing it blindly. When potential candidates google your staffing firm, you want to be the clear and best choice. A great employer brand can help you.

What is employer branding?

Employer branding describes everything that a company does to create value for its employees. From an intuitive application website to an active social presence, employer branding is a company’s way of letting people know that it cares about their current and future employees.

A company’s brand identity is important to attract consumers and to draw the best talent. According to a report by LinkedIn, the use of employee branding:

  • Reduces cost-per-hire by 50%
  • Yields 50% more qualified applicants
  • Increases hiring time by 1-2x
  • Reduces turnover by 28%

Stop candidates and clients from looking elsewhere

Candidates and clients evaluate potential opportunities with the keen eye of a consumer. They use sites like Glassdoor the way foodies use Yelp. This consumer mentality is important to consider as you review your staffing firm’s online identity.

Audit your website

  • Make it easy. Design with your target audience in mind and make it simple to navigate:
    • Create dedicated pages for both clients and candidates.
    • Make FAQs and contact information easy to find.
  • Make them want to work with you. Give them a glimpse of how you’ll connect them to their ideal profession.
    • Give candidates a taste of their future by showing off clients and former candidates.
    • Provide testimonials (preferably video) of clients and former candidates.
  • Reflect their wants and values. Candidates and clients want to know that you’re on their side.
  • Convert them. Candidates and clients are customers, so give them a call to action. Make sure the apply and contact us buttons are visible and prominent.

Remind clients and candidates about your website through targeted ads

You can increase conversions by setting up targeted ads on non-career sites. Take advantage of the cookies that they’re placing during their habitual Monday morning Internet wanderings. Develop targeted ads so that during their post-lunch Facebook binge, they get reminders to revisit your website.

Empathize with the search experience

Job hunting isn’t a lot of fun for most people. About 80% of job seekers find the experience stressful and time-consuming. You can make it easier for job candidates by responding quickly to inquiries.

Respond quickly to let them know you’re listening

Interested clients and candidates are calling, emailing, or commenting. Show you value them by responding quickly. More than 30% of job seekers say their search experience would improve with more communication.

Elevate the communication experience

  • Inform them of the best and quickest mode of contact is for you: text, phone, or email.
  • Confirm that their application has been received.
  • Manage their expectations about time and process.
  • Promptly answer inquiries.

Engage positively

Define your presence online by actively creating content and responding to mentions.

Claim your company profiles

Glassdoor and Indeed are a couple of sites where current and former employers can post reviews. Claim your profile and respond to reviews.

  • Decide who on your staff are the best people to help you manage. Ideally, they’re interested in community management and engagement.
  • Respond promptly.
  • Appreciate the feedback, both positive and negative.
  • Be gracious. Always.

Respond promptly on social media

Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms are strategic components of your brand identity, so don’t ignore its potential to develop your company’s story.

  • Don’t wait too long to answer questions
  • Reply promptly and with interest
  • Re-, Re-, Re-:
    • Tweet
    • Post
    • Gram
  • And again, be gracious. Always.

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