LinkedIn recruitment

LinkedIn means business — more than any other social media site. LinkedIn users make up 67% of company site visits. Boosts in career page visits begin with LinkedIn.

LinkedIn understands talent acquisition as an art form and offers the tools to elevate recruiting efforts. Here’s what you and your recruiters can do with a Basic LinkedIn account.

LinkedIn in a Hook

Target candidates

When you’re on the search for mature decision-makers and serious pros–67% of users are between the ages of 25-54.

Focus your use

Use LinkedIn as part of your proactive recruitment strategy. As your clients’ futures grow you can use the power of LinkedIn to keep star players in your pipeline.

Best practices for LinkedIn recruitment

Think of all your recruiters’ profiles as one unified rep for your agency. You want consistent, convincing, and accomplished profiles that show that your agency has talent that seeks talent. Make sure your recruiters’ profiles have:

  • Professional profile photos: save the drinking-on-vacation shot for another site
  • Standout headlines: declare the mission of service
  • Authentic summaries: connect personal brand and interests to the agency’s goals

LinkedIn improvements

Build recommendations

The most well-crafted profile is nothing without the support of Recommendations. And when that candidate, passive or active, clicks over to one of your recruiters, you want them to prove that they’re top-notch.

Candidates trust what others say–so encourage your recruiters to ask for recommendations.

  • View your profile in Edit mode
  • Click on View profile as
  • Select Ask to be recommended
  • Delete that generic recommendation request
  • Write your own! Say thank you!

Curate content

Thoughtful, relevant, and notable content establishes your recruiters as knowledgeable thought leaders. Your recruiters should post a pleasant mix of industry news (40%), info on your agency’s talent brand (25%), and just-for-fun (5%) to offset company news and announcements.

5 Steps to Boosting Your Talent Brand Through Content

They can share your agency blog and other marketing-oriented content here. It’s fine if your agency doesn’t create their own content–curating other content can still enrich your relationship with followers. Candidates appreciate the information that helps them with their careers, and they’ll trust you more for giving them what they need.

Source on LinkedIn and connect on another

LinkedIn’s Advanced Search allows your recruiters to target and narrow candidates. It’s a great way to peruse a person’s work history and personality.

But, unless there’s a Premium, Recruiter Lite, or Recruiter account involved, it’s a little difficult to message through LinkedIn beyond 1st-degree connections. Source candidates through LinkedIn and then, with some search savvy, connect through a site like Facebook or Instagram.

Specifically LinkedIn: Career-focused agreement

When making connections on LinkedIn, there’s already an understanding that you’re both there for career talk.

Candidates reaching out to your recruiters want to work with your agency. And candidates who respond to your recruiters through LinkedIn show an interest that helps your recruiters establish stronger relationships.

For those interested in upgraded recruiter products under LinkedIn Talent Solutions–we’ll definitely cover those in another article.

LinkedIn Basics and Glossary

LinkedIn is your all-pro and business-casual social media tool. Connect with candidates and follow industry influencers to stay in the know.

First-Degree Connection

They’re your direct connections. You can InMail them and see their connections.


Groups are LinkedIn’s version of discussion boards that gather like-minded professionals.


Located on the profile page, a headline is a short description under your name that is a catchy brief of what you do and who you are.


InMail is LinkedIn’s messaging tool.


Your network consists of your first-, second-, and third-degree connections.


Profiles are an individual’s or company’s main page. This includes the profile photo, headline, summary, and professional history.


A recommendation is a testimony from someone you have a professional relationship with.


Located on the profile page, the summary is the best way to communicate the synthesis of you–work experience, passion, and personality.

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