Video for Social Recruiting

Rev up your agency’s social strategy with the Internet’s best form of show and tell — video content.

Today, one-third of online users spend their time watching videos. What’s more, 92% of people share those videos with others. Give your candidates the response-worthy content that they value.

The types of video content your agency can create is unlimited

Videos are great ways to upgrade your social recruiting. And influence behavior:

  • Video content makes shoppers 64% more likely to buy a product.
  • Emails with video have a 200-300% increase in click-through rate.
  • Half of executives seek more information about a product after watching a video.

Company culture videos show off what you can offer

Candidates shop around not only for jobs but for the best-fitting company. Express your company’s culture explicitly (tell them about your annual staff volunteer day) or implicitly (show your staff at volunteer day).

Hubspot’s company video, for example, shows that they not only have innovative tech products but also a playful and open office culture.

In just over two minutes, candidates learn that at Hubspot, dogs are welcome, beer is free, and vacations are unlimited. They see who they could work for and with. They get a glimpse of their future worklife, one that is modern, interesting, and fun.

Recruiter and candidate profiles develop your employer brand

Videos utilize another key tool in recruitment today–storytelling. The people who make your company can tell others about it. Recruiter and candidate profiles build positive employer branding.

Social Recruiting with Video

At the start of the video, recruiting manager Jennifer Haughs demonstrates her dancing skills. The interview is less than two minutes, but is measured with both Haughs’ fun and professionalism as she reveals who she is as a recruiter — an easy-going expert ready to advocate for her team and candidates.

Videos boost engagement with your candidates

In 2005, it was enough to have a visitor click through to your website. Now, measures of success are about your reach, and how those you reach extend your information.

Host a live event to engage with people in person and online

Live feeds are new features on social media platforms. Your agency can use tools like Periscope to show candidates that your agency is an innovative one and in the know.

Etsy hosts an annual craft party in DUMBO, Brooklyn and streams it. The craft parties are perfect and on-brand for Etsy — events that reinforce that creativity is a centering tenet of the company and its community.

Give an office tour

Office tours are impactful behind-the-scene glimpses into your unique office culture. The personalities of you, your recruiters, and even your office decor are all possible influences to help candidates click, Contact Us.

It’s also one way busy leaders can efficiently use their time to create personal communications. Also, the video is readily available for each and every candidate that visits your career site.

Mark Zuckerberg took the time to show audiences the inside of Facebook (while also plugging another online Facebook event). Candidates and users of Facebook gain access into the office life of Facebook and Zuckerberg.

You don’t need to go to film school to make great videos.

Most everyone has access to a video camera — there’s one in your pocket right now. Great videos are possible with minimal filmmaking skills.

  • Expensive equipment is unnecessary. You can use the video feature on your smartphone.
  • Let people be human — allow a conversation to flow naturally and edit for the compelling moments.
  • Be aware of background noise that can distract the viewer. Isolate audio with another device, if possible.

Video dos and don’ts to increase candidate interest

Your dynamic company video is just a plan and some action away. However you are involved with the process, keep in mind the best practices below:

  • Do make sure there’s a plan before anyone says, Take one
  • Don’t risk boring your candidates. Your videos should be under three minutes.
  • Do have a clear narrative that’s on-brand. You want the video to support your agency identity.
  • Do have an ending that has a call-to-action. The point of the video is to have candidates contact your company or share the information with their network.

Video is one way to attract a Millennial candidate. Here are some other ways.