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Workers are worried about losing their jobs and navigating a stressful job market in 2024, according to MyPerfectResume’s 2024 Workplace Trends Survey, but they see the value of learning new skills and a thriving gig economy on the horizon. 

Based on a survey of almost 1,900 US-based employees back in October, MyPerfectResume gathered insights into what workers expect to face in 2024. The findings indicate that recession and layoff worries are lingering into the new year, as 78% of respondents expect a US recession, and 85% expressed fears about losing their jobs this year. In addition, 78% are concerned about job cuts due to the growth of AI. 

And finding a new job won’t be easy — 69% believe there will be more competition this year, 61% predict longer recruitment processes, and 62% say the labor market will be more stressful than past years.

Many surveyed workers (45%) also expect to see fewer openings for remote jobs, and 87% anticipate that more return-to-office policies will emerge. This shortage of remote opportunities may be why 67% of respondents believe the gig economy will further expand this year, as workers seek more flexibility and freedom from the traditional workplace. 

Those who are looking for a job may want to consider boosting their skill set, as 72% of survey participants predict a greater demand for specialists in 2024. Meanwhile, companies that want to keep their employees will need to focus on salary — 68% of participants believe employers will have to pay more to retain workers this year, and 69% of participants agree or strongly agree that unrewarding salaries will cause more people to quit.

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