AI is joining the teams of many staffing agencies. But make no mistake: this tool will assist your recruiters, not replace them. SHRM reported recently on some of the ways AI may change the face of recruiting.

  • AI programs like Watson can analyze and prioritize requisitions based on fill-ability. Recruiters see how tough a position will be to fill, how likely a particular candidate is to succeed, and even “listen in” on social media to help with candidate messaging.  
  • Bots like Mya can schedule interviews and interact with your candidates through text and social media 24/7 to answer basic questions about company culture and jobs.
  • Recent advances in video software may allow programs to measure emotional intelligence (EI) by reading candidates vocal tones and facial expressions during interviews.

AI accumulates data, finds patterns, and creates algorithms. But there will still be a need for real humans critically analyze that data, check against biases, and ultimately make the best decisions based on clients’ needs.  

Source: Society for Human Resource Management, Recruiting Gets Smart Thanks to Artificial Intelligence