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Our top articles for July include news that the Great Resignation is pressing onward despite growing recession concerns, an interview with Crelate Co-founder Aaron Elder, and a guest article on the importance of a strong company culture. 

#1. Great Resignation Continues Despite Signs of Recession: The Conference Board

A Conference Board Survey found that, despite signs that a recession may be on the horizon, just over 3 in 10 (31%) of workers are actively looking for a new job. And an overwhelming majority (94%) of workers who left their company in the past year don’t regret their choice. 

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#2. HR Has Highest Rate of Turnover: LinkedIn

A new analysis from LinkedIn reveals that human resources has the highest turnover rate of any job function, with a 14.6% rate compared to a 10.6% across all roles between July 2021 and June 2022. Conversely, the lowest turnover rates were found in administration (7.8%) and operations (8.8%).

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2022 State of Staffing #3. Aaron Elder, Co-Founder of Crelate, on Today’s Economic Landscape and Investing in People

Aaron Elder joined The Staffing Show to talk about entrepreneurship and upskilling his teams, as well as what the current economic landscape could mean for the staffing industry. He also talks about how a candidate’s rate of professional growth can be predicted by using “transferable velocity.”

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#4. Securing Top Talent with a Strong Company Culture

This article by guest author Ajay Kaul talks about how important it is for successful businesses to have happy and healthy employees. The creation of a dream company starts with a strong culture that is inclusive and treats employees like individuals, and the author discusses specific steps toward achieving this goal.

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#5. Employment Trends Index Climbs to 119.38 in June

An increase in employment is likely in the coming months, according to the Conference Board Employment Trends Index. The index rose to 119.38 in June, which was an increase from May’s 118.88. Despite this increase, the current index reading is below March and April’s readings, indicating slowing economic growth. 

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