TOP 5 Business team hands at work with financial reports and a laptop

Our top articles for March include a look at why almost half of hiring managers have open positions they can’t fill, a summary of the latest employment data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and insights into the salary expectations of tech workers.

#1. 45% of Hiring Managers Have Open Positions They Can’t Fill

Nearly half of hiring managers say they’re struggling to fill open positions. Not only is this the highest proportion since the first half of 2020, a large majority (91%) expect to face the same hiring challenges in the coming year. This piece highlights the top reasons for these unfilled positions and also touches on specific hiring challenges employers are facing.

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#2. [On-Demand Webinar] How Salo Grew Referrals by Putting People First

This on-demand webinar, sponsored by Staffing Referrals, explores how Salo took a unique approach to growth by focusing on their connections with talent. Through this, they created a referral culture that continues to help their business thrive. 

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#3. BLS Jobs Report: Nonfarm Payroll Adds 311,000 Jobs in February, Unemployment Rate Edges up to 3.6%

With the addition of 311,000 jobs, job growth for February was in line with the six-month average of +343,000. However, the unemployment rate went up slightly to 3.6%. There was little change in unemployment situations, and wage growth is showing signs of slowing.

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#4. Tech Salaries Climb, but Tech Workers Still Seek More: Dice Tech Salary Report

This article highlights a disparity that exists between tech workers’ rising salaries and their unmet expectations. Even though the average tech salary increased 2.3% year-over-year in 2022, almost half (49%) of tech workers believe they are underpaid relative to their peers. They also listed higher compensation (76%) as the top factor that would improve their engagement at work.

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#5. Chris Johnson, VP of Professional Services at Avionté, on Digital Transformation in Staffing

Chris Johnson, VP of Professional Services at Avionté, joined the podcast to talk about the advantage of adopting digital staffing platforms. He also discusses algorithmic matching for better job placements, as well as talent intelligence.

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