We’re proud to announce the launch of the fifth annual State of Staffing Industry Growth Benchmarking Report.

This year, we surveyed hundreds of staffing industry professionals to identify what sets fast-growth staffing firms apart from no-growth firms so that we could bring those insights to you.

In light of the pandemic, we also reached out to the industry to get a better understanding of how staffing firms are adapting to our new reality.

You told us about the tough decisions you had to make, laying off employees and enduring deep profit losses. You also told us that — overwhelmingly — you believe that staffing will come back from the pandemic stronger.

Here’s what we’ve learned about how your priorities, tactics, and strategies have changed in the past few months:

Before the pandemic:

  1. Automation and candidate experience key drivers of success
  2. Finding talent was the most challenging obstacle
  3. Top sourcing tools relatively consistent with previous years

During the pandemic:

  1. Many staffing firms have been forced to make deep layoffs to keep businesses open
  2. Learning how to work remotely is a requirement for all staffing firms
  3. Most staffing firms believe they will emerge from the pandemic stronger than before

The report is sponsored by Avionte, Great Recruiters, Staffing Referrals, TextUs, and WurkNow. Here are other findings:

  • Fast-growth firms have NPSs that are 37% higher than their no-growth counterparts.
  • Across all growth rates, staffing firms listed their ATS, LinkedIn, and TextUs as the most valuable software for their company 
  • Firms are dissatisfied with the effectiveness of their VMSs/MSPs

The report also includes a list of staffing-specific COVID-19 resources provided by industry suppliers to help ease the impact of the pandemic. 

We hope that this report will provide some insights to help your firm come out stronger and to make sense of our uncertain times.