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This year’s State of Workers report from Morning Consult suggests remote work may be losing some of its popularity. The latest report marks the first time in the past few years that more surveyed workers showed a preference for hybrid work (29%) than remote work (23%). 

While only 12% of respondents currently work under a hybrid model, 30% said they’ll look for hybrid opportunities in their next job search, with Gen Z (38%) and Millennials (35%) expressing the most interest in hybrid jobs. 

The majority of employees (63%) are still working on site, however, and many want to keep it that way (46%). As for remote workers, more than half would spend more time in the office if their employer offered a flexible dress code (56%) and compensation to cover childcare (55%) and commuting costs (52%). But whether in person or on site, many employees want to stay where they are — 38% of employees would look for a new job if their employer required a return to office, and 32% would change jobs if asked to work remotely.

Other highlights from the report include:

  • Though 88% of workers overall reported being satisfied and engaged with their jobs, engagement was a bit lower among Gen Z employees (81%).
  • More than four in 10 (44%) employees use AI at work, and they’re more likely to think of AI’s impact as positive (42%) than negative (30%). 

See the full report for more insights on worker preferences and priorities for this year.