Businessman in seminar pointing towards woman raising hand to say a question. Human resource manager training new company employees. Businesswoman raising hand at conference to answer a question.

Over three-quarters (76%) of employees are more likely to stay with a company that offers continuous training, according to the State of L&D in 2022 report from TalentLMS and SHRM.

More than half of HR managers say their company is currently facing a skills gap, which they’re addressing by training existing employees (51%), hiring new employees (32%), and leveraging independent contractors/freelancers (17%).

Training is highly beneficial for organizations. HR managers say that training helps with:

  • Employee productivity (90%)
  • Employee development (90%)
  • Employee retention (86%)
  • Organizational growth (85%)
  • Company culture (83%)
  • Attracting new employees (83%)

On the whole, there is good alignment between the training HR managers prioritize and the training employees want. For example, 88% of employees say it’s important to get training on hard skills, while 79% of HR managers are likely to offer this type of training. 

And, for the most part, employees are satisfied with the training they receive. Three-quarters (75%) of employees said they were either somewhat or very satisfied, while only 11% reported being somewhat or very dissatisfied. The dissatisfied employees said that the training would be more effective if it were more relevant (50%) and more up to date (40%). They also want more control over their training (37%).

This is only a small snapshot of the data. For more on the current state of L&D, explore the full report.